We work with


Client: L'Atalante Library, Milan
www: atalante.it
Project: Communication
Year: 2015


Client: Blume
www: editionsblume.com
Project: Web Identity
Year: 2014


Client: Radiofonica, Milan
www: radiofonica.org
Project: Web identity
Year: 2014

A project by O' curated by Alessandro Bosetti and Anna Raimondo in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Mailand. Live streaming on: radiopapesse.org

We were asked to collaborate with Bruno Stucchi from Dinamomilano in order to transform the Radiofonica image into a dynamic device friendly web site.

Keywords: Comunication, Web Design, Responsive, Mobile

O' Rescue Program

Client: O' art center, Milan
www: on-o.org
Project: Communication
Year: 2013
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Biuso Architectes

Client: Biuso Architectes Architecture & Patrimoine, Paris
www: biuso-architectes.com
Project: Create multi-language website based on customer's design
Year: 2012, 2013

Progetto Innesto

Client: Associazione Culturale Progetto Innesto, Rome
www: progettoinnesto.it
Project: Video and Landing Page creation for Adsense campaign
Year: 2012, 2013

Keywords: landing-page, Google AdSense, Media Creation, Communication

Awita Wila

Client: Awita Wila, Santiago (Chile)
Project: Cover Design Demo CD for Ecuador and Logo
Year: 2013

Keywords: Illustration, graphic design, music

Ana Tomas Design

Max Berrù Logo

Client: Max Berrù, Santiago (Chile)
Project: Logo
Year: 2017
Ana Tomas Design

Where is my puppy?

Project: Art animation for La Camera Verde
Year: 2004
Ana Tomas Illustration & Design

Client: Fast Elettronica (Milano)
Catalogue, Brochure and website

Client: Al Volo restaurant (London)
logo for restaurant

Client: La Pecora Nera (Barcellona / Malaga)
logo for restaurant


Client: Alessandro Bosetti composer
www: melgun.net
Project: CMS, Soundcloud player
Year: 2013

Parole chiave: Wordpress, Soundcloud integration, New graphics, Web design, Content Management


Client: Andrea Mazzacavallo, Milan
www: pitagora-box.com
Project: Concept & Webdesign
Year: 2013

Keywords: Concept, Web design, Graphics, Content


Client: Soundohm, Milan
www: soundohm.com
Project: IT Consultancy & Web Development for new site
Year: 2013

Keywords: IT Project Management, PHP, CSS Re-styling, Web design, Outsourcing Management


Client: Il Caos Management, Rome
www: caosmanagement.it
Project: CMS & Re-styling
Year: 2013

Keywords: Joomla, Re-styling, Web design, Content Management

La Furia Umana

Client: La Furia Umana, international
www: lafuriaumana.it
Project: Recover hacked site & CMS
Year: 2013

Keywords:Recovered Hacked site, System Administration, Web design, CMS, New Graphics


Client: Sanchez, Madrid
www: Promo on Youtube
Project: Flash Animation
Timing: 5 days | 40% Concept | 60% Flash Animation
Year: 2012

Keywords: Flash Animation, illustration, advertisement, Web design, Outsourcing Management

La Camera Verde Roma

www: lacameraverde.com
Project: Web Content Management
Year: since 2009

Gerardo di Fabrizio - Photographer

www: difabrizio.com
Project: Web Site
Year: 2012

Piane di Bronzo, gallery

www: pianedibronzo.it
Project: Web Site Re-styling
Year: 2011

Piane di Bronzo Prize

www: pdbp.org
Project: Multi-lang Web Site
Timing: 15 days | 80% Web Design | 20% CSS/PHP
Year: 2011


Project: Web Site for international artist
Year: 2013


Project: Web Site & Comunication for startup
Timing: ongoing
Year: 2013


Project: Web Site & database new independent book-store
Year: 2013


www: rip-tees.com
Project: Restyling Web Site & T-Shirt Design
Year: 2011