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Client: Radiofonica, Milan
www: radiofonica.org
Project: Web identity
Year: 2014

A project by O' curated by Alessandro Bosetti and Anna Raimondo in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Mailand. Live streaming on: radiopapesse.org

We were asked to collaborate with Bruno Stucchi from Dinamomilano in order to transform the Radiofonica image into a dynamic device friendly web site.

Keywords: Comunication, Web Design, Responsive, Mobile


Client: Blume
www: editionsblume.com
Project: Web Identity
Year: 2014

Blume is a record label, dealing with experimentation, electro-acoustic and electronic music. Solely sound and color. We created a responsive new site for their young label: minimal content on the front page, a large image. Easy to navigate, easy to find info, easy to click and buy through their preferred online channel.

Keywords: Web-design

O' Rescue Program

Client: O' art center, Milan
www: on-o.org
Project: Communication consultancy
Year: 2013
See how it was here »

We were involved with a team of graphic designers, video artists, curators, to realize a communication strategy for the fundraising of the association. We redesigned the info pages of their website and then the site's home page entirely. A remarkable success thanks to Indiegogo, the events in O' and our contribution.

Keywords: Communication, Web Re-design, Fund Raising

Biuso Architectes

Client: Biuso Architectes Architecture & Patrimoine, Paris
www: biuso-architectes.com
Project: Create multi-language website based on customer's design
Year: 2012, 2013

The main goal was to re-create a website to display the company's portfolio in french, italian and english with seamless transition between one language and the other. We were to deploy the customer's design, intentionally simple and clean, avoiding decorative media elements such as javascript image animations (except for the menu) or any other hype responsive finery. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was a key factor to take into account, we managed to rapidly get the pages to a high search-result ranking.

Progetto Innesto

Client: Associazione Culturale Progetto Innesto, Rome
www: progettoinnesto.it
Project: Video and Landing Page creation for Adsense campaign
Year: 2012, 2013

We were asked to modify a known youtube video that shows the strength of collaboration and create a responsive landing-page that would quickly explain what the association does, highlighting the registration for a free 30 minute consultancy.

Keywords: landing-page, Google AdSense, Media Creation, Communication

Awita Wila

Client: Awita Wila, Santiago (Chile)
Project: Cover Design Demo CD for Ecuador and Logo
Year: 2013

Keywords: Illustration, graphic design, music


Client: Alessandro Bosetti composer
www: melgun.net
Project: CMS, Soundcloud player
Year: 2013

Parole chiave: Wordpress, Soundcloud integration, New graphics, Web design, Content Management


Client: Andrea Mazzacavallo, Milan
www: pitagora-box.com
Project: Concept & Webdesign
Year: 2013

Keywords: Concept, Web design, Graphics, Content


Client: Soundohm, Milan
www: soundohm.com
Project: IT Consultancy & Web Development for new site
Year: 2013

Keywords: IT Project Management, PHP, CSS Re-styling, Web design, Outsourcing Management


Client: Il Caos Management, Rome
www: caosmanagement.it
Project: CMS & Re-styling
Year: 2013

Keywords: Joomla, Re-styling, Web design, Content Management

La Furia Umana

Client: La Furia Umana, international
www: lafuriaumana.it
Project: Recover hacked site & CMS
Year: 2013

Keywords:Recovered Hacked site, System Administration, Web design, CMS, New Graphics


Client: Sanchez, Madrid
www: Promo on Youtube
Project: Flash Animation
Timing: 5 days | 40% Concept | 60% Flash Animation
Year: 2012

Keywords: Flash Animation, illustration, advertisement, Web design, Outsourcing Management

La Camera Verde Roma

www: lacameraverde.com
Project: Web Content Management
Year: since 2009

Gerardo di Fabrizio - Photographer

www: difabrizio.com
Project: Web Site
Year: 2012

Piane di Bronzo, gallery

www: pianedibronzo.it
Project: Web Site Re-styling
Year: 2011

Piane di Bronzo Prize

www: pdbp.org
Project: Multi-lang Web Site
Timing: 15 days | 80% Web Design | 20% CSS/PHP
Year: 2011


Project: Web Site for international artist
Year: 2013


Project: Web Site & Comunication for startup
Timing: ongoing
Year: 2013


Project: Web Site & database new independent book-store
Year: 2013


www: rip-tees.com
Project: Restyling Web Site & T-Shirt Design
Year: 2011